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Courtney Deagon 

Hi there!

I’m Courtney, founder of Court & Co Bookkeeping, and Principal Bookkeeper and Pricing Specialist. Like you, I started my business from a passion, and a vision. I am deeply inspired by the tenacity and entrepreneurial spirit of micro and small business owners. And I’m motivated by a vision of seeing every solo business owner becoming more knowledgeable and confident in business.

It’s easy to feel ‘too small’ to be important, or to have the old-faithful Imposter Syndrome knocking at our door.
You started your business with goals – business goals, income goals, and personal goals. The ambiguity, unknown, and stress of business can get in the way of those – that’s where I come in.

Through bookkeeping, you’ll learn more about your business than you ever thought possible, growing comfortable with numbers and even finding financial reports fun to read! Because of the valuable information they tell.

Having clarity + insights into pricing questions, like “how much should I charge for my offerings?”, or “I’m not sure I should charge x, even though it’s what I need to earn – what do I do?” can give you confidence + clear, practical steps that lead to both an immediate and long-term effect on your income.

Click Services above to find out more about working with me. Or, if you’re not sure that’s the right step just yet, send me an email at – I’d love to help!


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